Exciting progress for Six Year Olds

The Reading Recovery students at Birkdale North School have daily lessons to support their progress in reading and writing. This special program is tailored to student’s individual needs and designed for accelerated progress in literacy.

Rhymez has recently developed real enthusiasm for writing her own ideas. After ten weeks on the Reading Recovery program at Birkdale North School she is excited to be reading at Level 14. Each day she proudly creates a new story.

Kiriwai has taken ownership with her reading and checks carefully that the words match what is on the page. She has some favourite books which she loves to read – Brown Mouse’s Party and Brown Mouse Plays a Trick.

Sire is enjoying reading about Little Chimp. He has written some interesting sentences about monsters. “My green monsters are having fun.” “My red monster can fly.”

Sorayah has learned to read smoothly and to change her voice for direct speech. She is learning to write so many new words, which helps her to record her ideas quickly.