Announcement : 

The Tomorrow’s School Survey – Have you done it?

Kia ora everyone, I am sure you will have been following or have heard about the Tomorrow’s schools review that is in progress at the moment. If you are proactive and a have strong views then you will have already done the survey and have some opinions. For others you might not be aware of the implications of the changes that could happen within the education sector.

I have given you two links if you are interested in having your say.

This first link will take you to The Tomorrow Schools survey which ends on 31st March,so just a few days left to go ,if you want to have your say:

The second link is to a ten page document which summarises the eight key issues of the review and a much easier read than the full document. This is a quick way to get up to speed if you are unsure of the issues and concerns. You may want to read this before you take the survey:

As a Principal I have some concerns about such a harsh re structure and I do feel we need to be careful not to disregard the great job our Boards have been doing over the years.   Of Course you must all make up your own minds.

Nga mihi nui