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Board of Trustees Birkdale North Primary is governed by 5 elected parent trustees, an elected staff trustee and the Principal. The current Board encompasses a variety of skills and expertise to guide the success of the school. The Board can be contacted at

The Board of Trustees meets monthly in the school staffroom and meetings are open to the public.

Board of Trustees members 2022 – 2025
Presiding member:
Greg Ratcliffe                          Parent elected representative
Liz Tay                                     Parent elected representative
Matt Elliott                             Parent elected representative
Tania McBeth- Stanton          Parent elected representative
Robin Leigh Sharrock            Parent elected representative
Anne-Marie Wrightson         Staff elected representative
Jan McDonald                       Principal

2023 Meeting dates
Wednesday 7th June 2023
Wednesday 30th August 2023
Wednesday 22nd November 2023

Birkdale North School by election results

Poari pānui / board announcements:

BOT minutes:
5 April 2023 Meeting Minutes
15 February 2023 Public Meeting Minutes
8 December 2022 Public Meeting Minutes
20 October 2022 Public Meeting Minutes
4 August 2022 Public Meeting Minutes
16 June 2022 BNS Board Public Meeting Minutes
5th May 2022 BNS Board Public Meeting Minutes
24th March 2022 BNS Board Public minutes
10th February 2022 BNS Board Public Minutes
15th November 2021 Special meeting Minutes
4 November 2021 BNS Board Public Minutes
12 August 2021 BOT Public Minutes
01 July 2021 Board Public Minutes
20 May 2021 Board Public Agenda and Minutes
25th February 2021 BOT Public Minutes
8th April 2021 BOT Public Minutes 
17th December 2020 BOT Public Minutes
19th November 2020 BOT Public Minutes
24th September 2020 BOT Public Minutes
30th July 2020 BOT Public Minutes

Annual Report:
2021 Annual Report Birkdale North School
2020 Annual Report Birkdale North School

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Proposed Enrolment Scheme
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