Our New Logo

The Logo Rationale

At the core of the Birkdale North School design is the incorporation of two main graphical elements that make up the logo. The Tohu (logo) is stylised to represent the natural surroundings, the community and the people. The main design element is that of a stylised koru with a series of young koru
shoots representing the many lwi and Hapu who occupied the area in the past. The Koru represents the many Mangopare (hammerhead shark) & Patiki (flounder) that used to live in abundance around the estuaries, inlets and coastal parts around the area. The Manu (bird) silouette is that of the
Tui, which represents life fulfillment, confidence, and spiritual harmony. They are said to be messengers of the Gods, and represent growth, achievement and guardianship. The yellow/orange sky represents the beautiful sunrises
seen within the school grounds. There are four key colour schemes for the corporate identity, namely Azure blue, Tangerine, Aqua Teal and Canery yellow. These colours give the graphic its grounding or foundation, so as to suggest trust, stability. Overall this brand Is maintained with our adherence
to the brand objectives set out within this brand manual and wi11 be the foundation for the design and development of all material.

The History

The North Shore's traditional name is 'Te Whenua roa o Kahu' (the extensive lands of Kahu). The name belongs to Ngati Kahu, who descend from Kahu, a grandchild of Maki. Maki had a number of sons who were each given lands across the region. Tawhia (Te Kawerau a Maki) was a younger son who
occupied H1kurangi, while his older brother Maeaeariki held the lands from Devonport, Birkdale, Glenfield, Wairau all the way up to Orewa. Kahu was the child of Maeaeariki. Tawhia married Marukiterangi, the daughter of Kahu (his grandniece). Hence Kawerau link to the north shore via Tawhia through Maki, Maeaeariki, and Kahu, as well as through marriage to Marukiterangi. They were all Kawerau. Nga puhi pushed everyone out of Tamaki in the early 1800's, and what was left of Ngati Kahu/Kawerau came back to their land about a decade later and stayed until the early 1900's. The first European settlers to this area of Birkdale arrived in the 1860s and until the early 1920s. The area was primarily rural consisting mainly of farms growing strawberries and holiday baches. Now the area is home to a bustling multi-cullural community nestled within a beautiful bush environment.

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